What is a white company?

What is a white company? AmsterdamNews.com is taking Time Inc. to task
for its handling of Essence & Suede Magazines, two properties the
company recently put on hiatus. According
to correspondent Makebra Anderson, “When White companies purchase Black-owned
businesses, everyone says African-Americans have nothing to worry
about. If the takeover of Essence Communications by media giant Time,
Inc. is any indication, those assurances are made to ease the

I have no quarrel with the writer’s point-of-view nor do I
think the issues raised are not valid ones to consider. However, I’m
struck by that “white company” label for Time Inc.

It is a
publicly-traded company, thus anyone of any race can own its shares.
What’s more, its chairman and chief executive officer, Richard Parsons,
is an African American who is one of the most powerful business
executives in the nation.

Perhaps Time Inc. was misguided in its
decisions related to Essence and Suede, but is that because it’s a
“white” company?

rexblog 2.0

rexblog 2.0: After an arduous
process taking more than two man-minutes, the rexblog design team has
performed a radical overhaul of this weblog’s interface. The left
column is now the right column, and vice versa (if you can’t figure out
what’s different).

N stands for Nothing

N stands for Nothing:  The EU is allowing
Microsoft to use the letter “N” to designate the version of Windows XP
that complies with the EU’s antitrust judgement that required them to
strip out their media player. As you may recall, when the EU wouldn’t
let MS get away with naming the product “Windows XP Reduced Media
Edition,” (translation: Don’t buy this version), I suggested ten names Microsoft could use, including a letters only name,  Microsoft Windows FU-EU. Dan Gillmor also invited his readers to suggest names.

Speaking of Nashville

Speaking of Nashville:  My recent admission of being pleasantly surprised that
Griffin Technology is a Nashville company led someone to tell me that Nick Bradbury, creator of FeedDemon and TopStyle, also lives in the area. He’s already registered for Blognashville, so I’m looking
forward to meeting him. By the way, on his blog today, he thanks Apple
for naming FeedDemon the recommended RSS reader for Windows.