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Subscription blogs: In preparing for a panel I’m on tomorrow morning at the Folio: Entrepreneurial Publishing Summit
(hey, if you’re there, please tell me hello), I did some rudimentary
googling over the weekend and saw a directory on a site called “Tekrati Analyst Cafe” with several “subscription blogs” for clients of  Forrester
Research and Gartner Inc., the research firms. (And this doesn’t
include Forrester’s free blog from Charlene Li.)

Gartner’s blogs have substantive-sounding titles while Forrester takes the down-home blog-like approach with its blogs’ names:

I also have run across a subscription “blog” from CQ called “Homeland Security” (sample) but it appears to be a daily news briefing that merely utilizes certain blog-conventions in its format.

Have any other examples of subscription weblogs? Add them to the comments. Thanks.

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  1. Wow, Rafat. I didn’t know you made house calls. By the way, I agree with whoever suggested that should be the next target for one of those big bucks buy-outs.

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