Ben Hammersley says

Ben Hammersley says: “Yahoo is the new Google. Google is the new Yahoo.” (For the record, despite this, I refuse any association with this Yahoo! is cool meme. After careful consideration since that first post, I’ve done enough personal research to determine that Yahoo! is, in fact, not cool. For the record, neither is Google. […]

Larry Dobrow is wrong

I’ve never met MediaPost’s Larry Dobrow, but I have linked to him often here on the rexblog. I usually link to his weekly magazine reviews on my link blog,, as well. Today, I received his review of Popular Science via e-mail and could barely believe what I was reading. First, here’s what I wrote about the magazine […]

Things I mentioned

More and more, I find myself telling someone, “Oh, just check my weblog and I’ll post a link to it.” Then I realized, I needed a page to display those random promises. So, I set up this page: RSS Newsreaders: Here’s that list of RSS newsreaders I told you about. 3/30/2005:  Links I mentioned while […]