I confess: This is a fake blog

I confess: This is a fake blog ghost-written by me, Rex’s ‘doppelblogger’: I
apologize to the seven readers of rexblog. I have been blogging a lie
for the past four years. I have been pretending to be Rex Hammock, a
so-called magazine publishing guy who lives in Nashville, Tennessee.
Rex exists, but he can’t even type, much less write. I am actually a
ghost-writer who Rex hired to run a four-year experiment to show how
easy it would be to outsource your personal blog.

Rex mockingly calls me his doppelblogger. I hate it when he says that and then does that irritating cackle of his.

I’ve wanted to blog this truth before, but Rex has never given me an
actual password to his Userland account, rather he makes me send these
posts to him via e-mail which he then has his secretary print out so
that he can dictate them to her while she takes shorthand to later
transcribe them into these posts.

However, today I finally figured out his password (“RafatAli” spelled backwards).

As this will likely be my last post here on the rexblog (You can’t fire
me, Rex, I quit), I’ll just point you to the blog I maintain using my
real identity.

I’m outta here.