Newsreaders or News “aggregators”

I’ve set up this page to send folks to who I tell, “Hey, you should set up a newsreader.”

Seth Godin provides some RSS how-to help.

For those who are “visual” people, perhaps seeing a video of how this all works will help: Here’s a simple video about how to set up some blog subscriptions on MyYahoo or Bloglines It was created by Michael Pollack.

Walter Mossberg, personal technology columnist for the Wall Street Journal, wrote this column on May 5, 2005: “A Guide to Using RSS, Which Helps You Scan Vast Array of Web Sites

“This roundup is from Robert Scoble, famed “Microsoft blogger” and great guy:

There are three basic types of RSS News Aggregators:

1) Server-based aggregators. Some, like Newsgator cross the lines
since Newsgator has a server-side service too. Other server-side
aggregators are, MyYahoo, Bloglines, and MyMSN.

2) Standalone client-side aggregators. RSS Bandit. FeedDemon. SharpReader. Radio UserLand. Among these, my favorites are RSS Bandit and FeedDemon (REX NOTE: FeedDemon has Nashville connections – use it).
You’ll need to download and install these. They don’t depend on any
other application being loaded, and are browser-independent too (for
the most part). On the Mac, NetNewsWire is the one most of my friends like. (REX NOTE: I use NetNewsWire.)

3) Built in the browser. OnFolio 2.0 adds onto IE or Firefox. Optimal Access adds onto IE. The Mozilla team offers Sage for Firefox users. Pluck adds onto any browser. My favorite here is OnFolio. Pluck is pretty good too.

4) Dependent on Outlook. NewsGator is my favorite here (it’s still the aggregator I use most), but there’s also IntraVnews.

Article from (May 15, 2006): “Me, Me, Me:The personalized newspaper was dreamed up two decades ago. We’re getting closer and closer.”