Unvitation marketing

Unvitation marketing: I’ve decided, when it comes to all new web services
that launch using the “faux-viral-by-invitation-only” gimmick, I am doing the Groucho Marx.

Back in February, I blogged, “…when something is going to be big. Really big. You rarely see it demo’d.” Inpired by Dave and others,
I’m going to add to that rule. “…and after gmail wore out the
gimmick, it won’t be something that is launched via some “by-invitation-only” faux-viral-hype.

As for Yahoo! 360. Why can’t Yahoo! learn from past mistakes? Just as
the “portal” strategy ended up bloating its UI, opening a Mack Truck-sized hole of opportunity for Google, now
Yahoo! has tried to load on every goo-gah from the past three years
into, what, a “portal” version of photo-sharing, blogging, social
networking, podcasting, etc. Do I really need all that crap portalized?
Maybe others do, but I’ve
discovered I have what must be an unusual ability to jump from flickr to
del.icio.us to linkedin with
a click of a mouse as easily as I can from one Yahoo! page to another.
Is that a special talent I have? I didn’t know I was so gifted.

To me, Yahoo! 360 has about as much mojo as AOL Journals.

However, my dog, Feste!, loves this post
(with the lovely permalink URL,
blog.360.yahoo.com/blog-_pIQZ7wjfr76w7r7rg4JY.yl?p=2I) I made on the Y!
Rex! 360! blog. If you have to log-in to see it, don’t bother.