A great tool for community donors

A great tool for community donors:
I just learned of the launch of a promising new online resource for
those who want to learn more about Nashville non-profits and the
services they provide. GivingMatters.com
is the first site of its kind in Middle Tennessee, featuring profiles
of area nonprofits and giving potential donors greater access to
information about charitable institutions. Profiles offer objective,
regionally specific, detailed information about each organization’s
management, governance, mission and finances. The website assists
donors interested in charitable giving in finding an appropriate
nonprofit recipient. Development of the resource was spearheaded by the
Community Foundation of Middle Tennessee
with the financial support and cooperation of a wide variety of
partners in the funding and non-profit community. GivingMatters.com is
being developed on a platform (GivingEdge) created by the Greater Kansas City Community Foundation and being piloted in several cities around the country.

haven’t tried it out yet, but the idea of having a means for individual
contributors and other funding sources to easily research area
non-profits seems to me to be a tremendous idea for all parties