The (conversational) NY Times

The (conversational) NY Times: The Annotated NY Times
is an ambitious RSS/blog-aggregating concept, let’s call it, what, a
“vertical aggregator”? The concept apparently is to aggregate all of the
stories from one
(the NY Times) and then aggregate all of the posts from the blogosphere that reference
those stories and then offer lots of ways to slice and dice the feeds
they use in that aggregation. A wonderfully creative blueprint for what
the NY Times
(and others) can incorporate into their site in the coming months. (The
NYT can even
monitize this approach with advertising, something the “annotated”
folks will likely be defending in court, if
they try to do.) Best thing about it: the honking list of RSS feeds. (Robert Scoble says he prefers “Memeorandum” as it offers news from more sources.)

(via Steve Rubel)