Fast-forwarding past the graveyard

Fast-forwarding past the graveyard:  Comcast is working with TiVo on technology that will insert new, updated commercials into programs that were recorded weeks ago.

Why waste time on such a useless effort? So I can fast-forward through
new commercials instead of old ones? Rather than “old” vs. “new,” I
would insert logo-only ads (thirty-seconds of a logo) onto TiVo’d ads
so the advertiser can receive a modicum of value when the viewer is
blasting through it.


3 thoughts on “Fast-forwarding past the graveyard

  1. You are assuming you will be able to fast forward through ads on a Comcast branded TiVo…

  2. A reader over at my site provided the following info (no source link included): From recent news: “Separately, TiVo and satellite broadcaster The DirecTV Group Inc. Tuesday said they have signed a deal to let both companies sell advertising for TiVo recorders. The DVRs recently began showing static images, such as company logos, when fast-forwarding some shows.”

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