Faking geekspeak – Ajax

Faking geekspeak – Ajax: 
Ajax, in addition to being a household cleanser, is the geek buzzword
of the nanosecond
. As a service to those who aren’t geeks (I’m not, but
some of my best friends…), here’s how to fake an understanding of
what it is.

Whenever a geek friend says the word Ajax and looks at you with that
sneer of superiority, simply reply, “Sure, I know what Ajax is: it’s
how Google gets those
“instant” suggestions to automagically appear when you use Google
Warning, if you’re not actually a geek and are (like me) just faking
it, don’t go overboard by saying something like the following, “But,
hey, there’s
nothing new about it. I’ve been using xmlHttpRequest links for years.”

By the way, automagically, while not a new buzzword, is one of my favorites. But then, I prefer buzzwords that sort of explain themselves.

If you insist on having a geek-oriented explanation of Ajax, here’s the “mother-post” that helped get the buzz-ball rolling.