While never an
architectural gem, this national & pop-culture landmark, Studio
, is just a few blocks away from where BlogNashville will

BlogNashville – twang-tastic
I’m about to hop aboard a plane and will be blogging
lightly through the weekend, however, I wanted to begin a
viral-marketing gimmick by leaking some important news to Nashville
bloggers and those lucky enough to plan on coming to Nashville for the
festivities related to BlogNashville on May

(Please, as
this is a viral marketing ploy, please do not spread this secret
information except to anyone you know.)

Here is the, well, “news”: I
have agreed to be “chairman of social engineering,” which primarily
means my
administrative assistant gets to spend a lot of time on making
arrangements for the non-conference session fun stuff.

However, here is
more important news: I have (and I’m sorry, I can’t tell you the
“hidden photos” I had to produce to make this happen) been able to
convince Nashville’s premiere nightlife blogger, Mr. Roboto of the
celebrated ThursdayNightFever.com
weblog, to be my co-chair. (Although,
it goes without saying, Mr. Roboto needs no titles.) As Mr. Roboto fans
know, this development means there will be plenty after-hours thrills
and excitement for our out-of-town guests. Also, it means that local
bloggers will be encouraged (even if you don’t attend the Saturday
conference) to come rub elbows with the A-listers
visiting for the

More details will be forthcoming (like, for instance, venues
and specific times), but here are the pencil-in times:

There will be an
opening evening bash on Friday night, May 6, from around 7:30 p.m.
until, well, we haven’t yet determined that.

And, after the “food for
thought dinners” on Saturday night, there will be BlogNashville
designated meetup spots (and a wide-variety of
“no-cover-charge-for-bloggers” options) along Music City’s famed Lower
Broad and 2nd
Ave., or, as its promoters call it, “The

After the conference
sessions on Saturday, there will also be an off-campus gathering spot
for those who do not want to go back to their hotel (or homes) before
the food-for-thought dinners.

In the coming days, I’ll also be providing
some unofficial/official suggestions for visitors from out of town to
do on Sunday. We may even work up some tours if there is an interest.

Watch BlogNashville.org for more

you are a blogger in Nashville and would like to volunteer at one of
the “fun” non-conference events or activities, e-mail me. Mark you
calendars for Friday night, May 6, and Saturday night, May 7. If
you’d like to host a tour on Sunday, also let me know.

If you want
to attend the conference, you need to sign
. The conference is free,
but space is limited.

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  1. Let me be the first to congratulate you on your taste in selecting an assistant cruise director. I’m now confident our guests will leave Music City with fond memories.

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