Dan Froomkin speaks

Gee, while I’ve been wi-fi-free in western Massachusetts all day, my question earlier regarding something that, while perhaps not that historically significant, deserves a clarifying asterisk, was answered by the Washington Post’s Dan Froomkin:

“So while Pfeiffer was indeed the first blogger to blog from the White House briefing room, Graff can still claim credit for being the first blogger granted a day pass purely on his blogging credentials. And that was the precedent that paved the way for other bloggers. Brewer, for instance, is a volunteer blogger who happens to be a scientist by profession. Just to add to the confusion, the first person to have blogged a White House event, as far as I know, is neither Pfeiffer nor Graff. It’s Rex Hammock. (See my Feb. 20, 2004 column.) He blogged a private meeting with Bush more than a year ago.”