Tracing the Tracks

Tracing the Tracks:  Earlier today, I blogged nostalgically about my early Radar posts. Ironically, the first time I blogged Tracks Magazine back in 2003, it was to suggest they learn from Radar and not get too pumped-up over a NY Times profile of their start-up.

According to MediaWeek
, the music magazine Tracks today acknowledged
that after its current issue, it is going on “hiatus,” or as we call it
on the rexblog, “bye-atus.”

According to MediaWeek, the publishers said the $5 million they
raised to launch the magazine wasn’t enough to hit the numbers they
need to survive and they are, “searching for another $4-$5 million to
resume publication.”

(If I still did “bumper music,” I’m hearing Smokey Robinson sing, “So
take a good look at my face, You’ll see my smile looks out of place, If
you look closer, it’s easy to trace, The tracks of my tears.”)

Survey says bloggers should have First Amendment protections

Survey says bloggers should have First Amendment protections:  Here are the “top line” results from a survey related to blogging released today by the web hosting company, Hostway.

Among many other things, the survey finds that, “more than 50 percent
of respondents who shared their opinions on First Amendment rights said
bloggers should benefit from the same First Amendment liberties and
protections as professional journalists.”

On a somewhat related note, AP is reporting that, “more than a half-dozen news organizations are supporting three online
journalists who published articles about a top-secret technology
product that Apple Computer Inc. says was protected by trade secret

(Note: “more than a half-dozen” is a quantity only a reporter could dream up.)

Here is the list of companies filing an amicus brief in support of the defendents in the case: 

Los Angeles Times (Tribune Co.)
San Francisco
Chronicle (Hearst)
San Jose Mercury News (Knight Ridder)
San Diego Union-Tribune (Copley Press)
County Register (Freedom Communications)
Bee newspapers (Sacramento, Fresno and Modesto) (McClatchy)
California Newspaper Publishers Association
California First Amendment Coalition.