Here we go again

Here we go again: No vaporzine has ever received more mentions on the rexblog than Radar. (And this go-’round, I’m really, really trying to keep all links regarding its re-re-relaunch limited to especially during the next few weeks when the articles become first-choice in the hype-of-the-month club.) However, for those new to this whole Radar-hype cycle, here is why you’ll be bombarded by the type of story that appears in today’s NY Times:

1. It’s a New York writers insider story, so it’s perceived to be important by, well, those you would expect. 2. The stories about Radar are being written by the freelancers who hope to sell future articles to Radar. 3.  It won’t go away.

I find today’s article in the NY Times especially interesting (the magazine is launching online firs t — note to future magazine launchers: don’t announce a website before it is live) as such a move would move Radar from vaporzine status to dejazine status for a brief period. That said, I hope they are successful for a few months so that all those freelancers writing about it can at least get invited to some decent parties. By the way, I really love this quote from today’s story:

"Mr. Roshan said that introducing the Radar brand slowly via the Internet would also take some of the pressure off the first issue of the magazine, which he said aims to start with 150,000 readers. ‘Too much hype is not a good thing,’ he said, recalling the expectations surrounding Radar’s first incarnation and other misbegotten ventures like Talk." He said the Web site "will definitely help us with marketing, but that is not its sole purpose – it’s just a good idea."

I find that quote amusing as the very first thing I ever blogged on the topic of Radar magazine, exactly three years ago this week, was: "Warning to Radar: Don’t confuse a (NY Times) profile with success." I posted several items in the months that followed. Here is a good synopsis . Update: Fishbowlny: "Radar blurbs all over itself ."