Does this display mojo marketing?

Does this display mojo marketing? This morning, according to CNET,
Yahoo is giving away “Web page hosting services to small businesses” in
a bid to bolster its search and related advertising business. Yet when
I go to Yahoo! “web hosting for small business,” this is what I see (screen grab).

Note to Yahoo!:  Great idea, wonderful and smart. But the current
first rule of company-mojo is to have a service up and running before announcing it.

One thought on “Does this display mojo marketing?

  1. Hello Rex,
    As one of the Yahoo! employees involved in this project, I’m excited to see your interest in our new free web site feature but am disappointed that the article didn’t steer you to it effectively. The Yahoo! Local free web site feature has been available publicly since last night at We are also currently promoting it on the Yahoo! home page, the Yahoo! Small Business home page (, and within Yahoo! Local (

    This feature is in beta so please let us know what you think.


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