Yahoo mojo meter moves up

Yahoo mojo meter moves up: This
morning, I impugned Yahoo!’s mojo
for their announcement of a “free
website for small business” feature that I couldn’t find on their site
— of course, I was looking at the part of their site that was labled
website hosting for small business” (silly me!). This afternoon,
however, I’m going to reinstate any mojo
standing they may have lost because an actual Yahoo! employee involved
the project, Brian, commented on that earlier post. Here is an example
of Yahoo! blogospheric clued-in-ness:

Hello Rex,

As one of the Yahoo! employees involved in this project, I’m excited to
see your interest in our new free web site feature but am disappointed
that the article didn’t steer you to it effectively. The Yahoo! Local
free web site feature has been available publicly since last night at We are also currently promoting it on
the Yahoo! home page, the Yahoo! Small Business home page (, and within Yahoo! Local (  This feature is in beta so please let us know what you think. 

Thanks, Brian

Okay, Brian. I’ll try it out and tell you what I think. I’ve been known to do that before.

Update: For being a free
5-page website, I guess it’s worth what you pay for it. I didn’t like
that I couldn’t make the wizard work in Firefox on a Mac (however, I’m
always ready for that problem with multiple browser back-up options – it worked in Safari). I did like that I could
get the easy to remember URL:
(my apologies to any hammock manufacturers in Tennessee who I scooped.
but then, when you snooze you lose. No, wait. If you make hammocks, I
guess you win when people snooze. But I digress.) The wizard worked
easily, but if I didn’t know what font sizes were all about, I may have
been intimidated by the options. All in all, a nice addition to
Yahoo!’s local yellow-page like service. And perhaps it will help them
attract small businesses to their paid hosting products.