Perfect spiraling spin

Perfect spiraling spin:  Linda DblU points out the following nuanced comment from Tennessee Titans head coach Jeff Fisher regarding this year’s lack of any prime-time games in the season schedule released today:

we won’t be facing the scheduling challenges associated with primetime
games because it is obvious the league’s expectations of this team are
not as high as ours. A season of Sunday afternoon games will allow us
to get into a consistent routine which is best for this club.”

2 thoughts on “Perfect spiraling spin

  1. I liked prime-time games. Mostly its because they create conflicts for people with lame excuses like “I have to work in the morning.” This means season ticketless fans like have better chances of getting face-value or even free tickets to the game. They also have a nice advantage early in the season of preventing funny looking sunburns on one side of the face with a sunglasses line.

  2. What a GREAT comment from Fisher. Hahahahaha. I am really not laughing at it. It’s just such great marketing-babble. You can’t help but appreciate it. And as a fan, I hope he’s right.

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