Deserved hornblowing

Deserved hornblowing: Chris Anderson has every right and reason in the world to engage in some autohornblowing.
Not only is he responsible for the online buzzword of the year, “long
tail,” but also the magazine he edits (Wired, maybe you’ve heard of it) received this year’s top National Magazine
Award in its category. So far, not a bad year for Chris.

Update: Jeff Jarvis makes a
good point in a comment. I meant to indicate that Chris popularized the
notion of “long tail” with his article and in-progress book. Just like
the award for National Magazine Award is not Chris’s, but is the result
of a collaboration, the “buzz word” long tail is a result of not only Chris’s article and
Clay Shirky’s piece, but the work of others including Virginia Postrel (in 1998) and probably many academic
economists I’ll never know. For all I know, there’s some ancient Noble
Prize in Economics awarded for some underlying economic principles at
play in the “demand curve.” So, I’ll just laud the National Magazine

Anyway, since in his day job, Jeff works for the same company that owns
all those magazines that won the awards, I’ll congratulate him, also.

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