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BlogNashville opening night party will help christen Bob Wolf’s new
club, Wolfy’s Den, in the tower of the Gaylord Entertainment Center.
(Top: Night view of the GEC;  Bottom: View of the Ryman Auditorium
from the party venue.)

BlogNashville — announcing the fun part!  It’s only right that Mr. Roboto has the scoop
on the biggest party news in Nashville blogging history. (Mark your
calendars for Friday night, May 6). He’s the ubber-nightlife blogger
who is going to make Nashville the talk of the blogosphere when the
out-of-towners show up for BlogNashville.

However, I’m taking credit for enticing him into lending his
considerable clout to add actual fun to a seemingly serious blogger
conference some folks are traveling half-way-around-the-world (okay, someone’s coming from Spain) to
attend. (I promised him even the political bloggers can be pried away
from their laptops long enough for an evening in downtown Nashville.)

So, here’s the news (and we’re even scooping the official site, sorry):

On Friday night, from about 7:30 until people stop tipping the band
(more on the band in a second), the BlogNashville participants
(including all Nashville bloggers and friends) are invited to an opening night party at, get this, the Gaylord Entertainment Center.
I’m not kidding, the GEC. However, it’s not the 15,000-seat part of the
arena where the party is being held, but in Nashville’s newest
nightspot — so new, we are beating its premiere party by a week.

Drum roll, please. For the BlogNashville opening party, local celebrity and friend of Mr. Roboto, Bob Wolf has given
(with a little sponsorship help from your friends at Hammock Publishing) BlogNashville exclusive use of Wolfy’s Den, his new bar
at the top of the GEC’s famous glass tower that overlooks the
Ryman Auditorium and Lower Broadway honkey tonks.

How can that be
topped? Well, through blogging magic, Mr. R (with the help of some
Nashville blogger elves) have enticed Nashville ace guitarist (and
we’re talking the ace guitaringest place on earth) Tall Paul to play
the party, along with Nashville blogger MMMikey (of Who You Talkin’

Later, I’ll be sharing more about the “food-for-thought-dinners” on
Saturday night at 12 different local Nashville restaurants, but the
whole opening night party thing has me too pumped up to do any more

A note to Nashville bloggers: The Friday night party is
open to you and your friends, as well as those A-List bloggers coming
from out-of-town. If you’re a blogger from Nashville or Tennessee or
anywhere you can read this, we’re trying to make the non-sessions as
unserious and fun as possible. In fact, if you’re a blogger and you
don’t want to go to the sessions, but still want an excuse to come to
Nashville during the most beautiful time of year, here’s your chance, look no

Be there. This is one party you won’t just want to read about
on blogs later.

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  1. OMG, I’ve so wanted to be in a glass tower overlooking the Ryman with Tall Paul and a bunch of drunk bloggers. Rock on, Rex and Roboto!!

  2. This really should be a fun meetup. Especially with live music by blogger MMMikey and Tall Paul.

  3. Hmmm takes me back to my college days. Except the GEC wasn’t here when I was in college. Nor was the bat building [nice view in the shot you have there]. Oops I am dating myself. I’ll stop now. Sounds like fun.

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