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  1. Rex, could you save a copy of that article outside their friggin firewall? I want to read it but I don’t want to tell them my life story. Hey how’s it going?

  2. I’m not Rex, but here’s the story:

    Nashville gathering to focus on educating bloggers
    Knoxvillian, who authors popular site, will be featured

    By MICHAEL SILENCE, silence@knews.com
    April 19, 2005

    What is expected to be the largest gathering of bloggers this year, and only the third meeting of its kind, will take place in Nashville early next month.

    A core focus of the event will be educating those who write blogs, a contraction for Web logs, on how to gather information and how to operate as “citizen journalists.”

    “BlogNashville,” http://www.blognashville.org, runs Thursday, May 5-7.

    The conference will feature Glenn Reynolds, the University of Tennessee law professor who authors one of the most read blogs in the world, http://www.instapundit.com.

    But it will also feature several other bloggers and sessions on computer-assisted reporting for bloggers.

    Nashville blogger Blake Wylie of http://www.nashvillefiles.com will be attending to “network with bloggers from around the nation,” he said in an e-mail on Monday.

    He also said he’ll participate in the computer-assisted research and reporting_ sessions and he’ll be “incorporating that into my blog. This will hopefully allow me to provide more and better information to my readers.”

    The conference is a joint venture between Belmont University’s New Century Journalism Program and the Media Bloggers Association, a nonpartisan organization promoting blog members.

    The conference is at Belmont University and at The Freedom Forum at Vanderbilt University.

    The conference is an outgrowth of two previous gatherings, one at Harvard University and one at Stanford University, said Robert Cox of MBA.

    “The twist (with the Nashville conference) is an effort to consciously attract a more geographically and ideologically diverse mix of people,” Cox said.

    Franklin, Tenn., blogger Bill Hobbs, http://www.billhobbs.com, who also works for Belmont, also said an intent of the conference is to bring together diverse opinions within the world of blogs.

    He noted that’s represented by the fact the conference is being held in a “blue city,” or Democratic, that is in a “red state,” or Republican leaning.

    Tennessee is also home to some of the bigger blogs, including Reynolds, Hobbs, Donald Sensing of http://www.donaldsensing.com; “Busy mom” at http://www.busymom.net, “South Knox Bubba” at http://www.southknoxbubba.net/skblog/, and “SayUncle” at http://www.saysuncle.com.

    According to a blog ranking web site that measures traffic, http://www.truthlaidbear.com, Reynolds is ranked number one, Sensing is ranked 88, Hobbs is ranked 91, South Knox Bubba is ranked 289, Busy mom is ranked 684 and SayUncle is ranked 817.

    Hobbs said the conference is expected to draw more than 200 participants.

    On Friday, the conference features a season on protecting those who blog anonymously, especially those in repressive countries.

    On Saturday, sessions include blogging on politics, journalism, religion, military and how to make money through blogging.

    There will also be a documentary film crew at the conference as part of a project on blogs.

    Registration and additional information on sessions and attendees and moderators can be accessed through http://www.blognashville.org.

    Visit Michael Silence’s blog, No Silence Here, on KnoxNews.com

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