This just in

This just in, the NY Times ‘magazines fail’ retread feature: I know you’ve all been waiting, so I’m happy to announce that in Thursday’s NY Times,
you’ll find the newspaper’s current version of the recurring feature
story revealing that,
despite the overwhelming odds of failing, people still start magazines.
I don’t know about you, but I am always amazed that most magazines fail
—  in the same way I’m amazed that every book published does not
make it to the NYT bestseller list. I’m also amazed that reporters keep
writing the same feature story over and over despite most of them
failing to have anything new. I’m also amazed that I keep blogging about this.

Pope Dave I

popedaveDave liked Rogers’ pope hat so much, he asked for one himself.

So, in appreciation of Dave’s creation of RSS and Manila,
the platform on which I publish the rexblog, and since he’ll go down as one of the creators of podcasting (perhaps, the St. Peter of podcasting?),

I’m happy to use my sub-par photoshop skills to grant his request. (And
‘m not just blowing white smoke.)

[Make  your own pope hat.]

Custom publishing update II

Custom publishing update II:  T-Mobile
is launching a customer magazine
for small companies “to encourage
loyalty and highlight the network’s understanding of business needs.”

InFocus, a 32-page magazine, will be published three times a
year, with the first edition coming out this spring. The publication will be sent to around 44,000 companies that have
fewer than 10 employees and operate multiple handsets on a T-Mobile
account. Customers range from small accountancy firms, architects and
graphic designers, to florists, builders and plumbers.