Dick Stolley, a magazine legend, retires

Dick Stolley, a magazine legend, retires: For years on the rexblog, I’ve mentioned magazine editor-legend, Dick

Stolley, a person I once blogged would be included on a magazine Mt. Rushmore, if there were such.

Today, the NY Post (scroll down) reports:

Dick Stolley, the legendary launch editor at People magazine in 1974, is finally retiring. And this time he really means it.

He’s sold the Central Park West pad and is in the process of
moving to Santa Fe, N.M., where he was telling friends he may work on a memoir.

A host of friends and associates gave him a send off at the Four Seasons last Wednesday.

Amazingly, Stolley’s most famous story from his youth as a Life magazine editor was not retold: How he had secured the only film record — the Abraham Zapruder movie — of the assassination of President John F. Kennedy.

“Everyone who was at the party had either lived through it
with him or heard it more than once, so we didn’t have to tell it,” said Martha Nelson, the current managing editor of People, who tossed the party for her legendary predecessor.

Those who know him, know Dick will never “leave” from the magazine industry, his influence is seen not only in all those who have worked for him, but in the hundreds of folks who have had the pleasure to spend a couple weeks with him at the Stanford Professional Publishing Course where he’s been legend-in-residence for a couple of decades.