Search memory

Wait, I remember this: The new “Google search history” won’t be anything new to people who use A9. But then, Google tends to improve (maps, for example) on any function it adapts, no matter what source.

However, when I start seeing ads served up based on current and past
keyword and map and phone-number searches (and, no doubt I will), well,
do I really want to hand over to Google that much of my life?

Come to think of it, I probably hand Amazon that much information.

Come to think of it, I’m so “on-the-grid,” I might as well publish an
RSS feed of all my Google searches. No, wait. RSS is one of the few
think they can’t seem to offer.

Just thinking out loud: Can the record of your Google searches be
succesfully subjected to subpoena? How many spouses/parents/children
hack this new function for (fill in the blank) reasons?

(via: John Battelle.)

2 thoughts on “Search memory

  1. Funny. I have assumed this was available for a long time. Or at least, I’ve long delighted in telling my not-as-techie friends [not that _I_ am techie] that your searches could be traced.
    Glad to know I’m finally truthful.

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