Rogers hitting the Catskills

Rogers hitting the Catskills: I didn’t see it, but someone in my office said Rogers Cadenhead was a riot on the Today Show. Letterman calling?

I believe Rogers should wait until the 15 minutes of fame on this pass,
and then decide what to do. I think what he’s blogging, is a great way
to go.

Here’s what he currently is saying, despiting catching lots of flak:

I haven’t decided what to do with the domain — my goal was to keep it away from pornographers, not grab a domain for some kind of papal superstore.

But now that my weblog has 120,000 new readers, just counting yesterday, I’m using the opportunity to promote,
an organization that’s like a charitable eBay: They match up donors
with people who have short-term, under-$1,000 emergencies (such as
repairs to the family’s only car), helping them get out of the crisis.

Anyone who has read any of Rogers’ helpful books or who has, as I have, been
the beneficiary of a random act of kindness he did for me way before
his papal fame, knows he’ll do the right thing for all concerned.
(You can see his random act of kindness if you click the URL Frankly, if I were Catholic, I’d trust Rogers with the domain before
I’d trust some of those Vatican officials.