Webster’s definition of clueless

Webster’s definition of clueless:  I’m sure Graham Webster is a nice person and I don’t want to suggest he’s actually an idiot. But this column certainly is idiocy. The “young reporter” at Editor & Publisher says “blogs are a horrible way to deliver journalism…and forget them.”

Why is this statement idiocy? The basis for his observation suggests proves he’s never used a
newsreader, RSS, Topix, PubSub or many other ways that allow one to have
dozens of “entry points” into blog posts. Geez.

Don’t embarass yourself next time Graham. Ask around, perhaps say, “Am
I missing something  here?” I assume using RSS tools is not
something they teach in J-school yet, Graham. The world is changing,
however. Get over it.

Also, Graham, for the record, the buzzword “entry point” is SO 2003. But maybe you missed it as you were
depending on Yahoo’s “portal” page (which is so, what, 1996?).

Again, “young reporters” tend to display their limitations when they project their ignorance onto an entire generation.

Graham, there are enough old geezers making stupid decisions at newspapers. Don’t be a geezer before your time.

(via Romenesko)