Henry Copeland, contrarian

Henry Copeland, contrarian: Sell when Business Week’s cover says buy, says Henry Copeland of blogads. In other words, when Business Week suggests that powerful big-business and mainstream media will inherit the blogging world, don’t believe it.

(Side note: As a blogger who blogs a lot about my passion for
magazines, I’m always amused when bloggers use magazine coverage as a
validation of their beliefs that blogs will crush magazines one day.
Magazines and blogs are complimentary, not competitive, is my belief.)

I agree with Henry’s response to the “blogs will be taken over by
corporate interests” implication in the article. Blogging has just
started. Big businesses won’t “take it over” anymore than they’ve taken
over e-mail or telephones. (We all use them.) They’ll certainly use the conventions of
blogging and tap into the voices of conversational media. And sell lots
of services and products that facilitate blogging. But you can’t “take
over” blogging…or it becomes something else.

More on this topic later.