Past its primedia

Past its primedia: Via former Primedia employee Tony Silber who now heads Folio:, (hey Tony, I’m impressed to see your by-line) comes this big news:

said today that it is putting its b-to-b unit, Primedia Business
Information, on the block. The company has retained a banker—Credit
Suisse First Boston—to assist it in exploring a sale.

My vote for purchaser: Cam Bishop (sorry, inside irony).

3 thoughts on “Past its primedia

  1. Hi Rex, I was going to drop you an email to point u a post on my blob about the sale of Primedia Business. But I see you’ve got the news already.
    It’s going to be interesting. I’m guessing Cam Bishop gets it too. But I’ve been predicting he’d buy Vance…and that hasn’t happened yet. So what do I know?

  2. Explanation: Cam Bishop started out as a graphic desiger straight out of school and worked his way up to CEO of Intertec (the company now known as Primedia Business) and was shown the door by some goofy “.com and TV” folks who foolishly believed they could turn Primedia into a digital jugernaut and promptly ran it into the ground. Cam is one of the great guys in the b-to-b media world. It would be quite just to see him back as a principle in the company he “grew up” in.

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