Bush’s webmaster reviews UK election sites

Bush’s webmaster reviews UK election sites: Patrick Ruffini asseses
the “e-campaigns” of the Labour and Conservative parties. Patrick, who
headed up the Bush-Cheney blog and served as the campaign’s defacto
liasion with the blogosphere, has some great insights into what the UK
campaigns learned (or missed) from last year’s U.S. campaign’s online


does give us several blog-like peeks behind the curtains
of the campaign. Unlike the U.S. campaign blogs, the focus is less on
rapid response, frequent updates, and feeding the blog community as it
is on behind-the-scenes coverage, channeling you Tony Blair’s Diary, Deputy PM Prescott’s “battlebus”, and stories from the constituencies.

Practice, practice and learn how to go, “Yee-hawww”

Practice, practice and learn how to go, “Yee-hawww”: Dear NY City friends. I thought I would give you a heads up so you can start planning now. The Grand Ole Opry is playing Carnegie Hall Nov. 14. If you don’t remember (I’d like to forget, myself) that’s the day before the Country Music Association Awards will be held at Madison Square Gardens.
Opry “members” (one is “selected” into Opry membership) who will
perform at Carnegie Hall in November include:  Trace Adkins, Vince
Gill, Alison Krauss and Union Station, Alan Jackson, Brad Paisley,
Charley Pride, and Ricky Skaggs. (Actually, a rather incredible lineup
that you’d never find all performing on the same night at a real Opry show. The Fruit Jar Drinkers are what the homefolks get.)

Before you laugh (okay, after you laugh), according to the press
release, this is not the first Carnegie Hall appearance by the Opry or
its members. Ernest Tubb and Minnie Pearl first performed
at Carnegie Hall in 1947.

And Minnie Pearl returned to Carnegie Hall in Nov., 1961 as a member of
a full Opry troupe that also included Patsy Cline, Grandpa Jones, the
Jordanaires, Bill Monroe, Jim Reeves, Marty Robbins, and Faron Young.
(Now, there’s an Opry lineup I could get excited about.)

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More iThuggery

More iThuggery: 
Before reading that Apple goons were banning all Wiley-published books from Apple Stores, I doubt I would have had any interest in reading
this book. But after reading the following, I  placed an order for
one at Amazon.com

From the Mercury News:

Wiley & Sons, a leading publisher of technology books, said Apple
Computer has removed all its titles from the shelves of Apple stores in
apparent retaliation for the upcoming publication of a biography of
Apple CEO Steve Jobs.

Here’s my guess at what really happened: The word went
down from on-high for Apple Stores not to carry the biography, but
somehow that was translated at the store level into an edict to remove
all Wiley books. However, I could be wrong. As Apple legal goons seem
to repeatedly display, Apple is very capable of such a clueless misstep.

(via: Dan Gillmor)

That didn’t take long

That didn’t take long: Re:
earlier item about the Hipster iPod that costs $900 and is preloaded
with 14,500 MP3s. I predicted it would be shut by noon. And, apparently, it is.
Let’s count up all the lawyers who may have forced them to shut down:
1. Those RIAA lawyers, 2. Those Apple lawyers… (Does anyone
not get that the Hipster iPod is a joke? It is, isn’t it?)

(Thanks to Mr. R for the heads up)

Breaking news – out of the box ideas from Newsweek.com

Breaking news – out of the box idea from Newsweek.com:  The folks at Newsweek.com have decided to start putting, get this, a new story on their website, are you sitting down?, every day.

I know that’s revolutionary thinking, but MediaPost.com actually has a quote from the Newsweek.com editor displaying how she is now thinking way, way outside the box:

want the site to be part of people’s regular routine, whether they read
the magazine or not,” said Depke. “We know what we’re not–we’re not
going to be regularly breaking news stories–but we can deliver the
thought-out, analytic take that Newsweek is known for every day.”

Every day, a new article. I can’t believe someone hasn’t thought of that before.