More iThuggery

More iThuggery: 
Before reading that Apple goons were banning all Wiley-published books from Apple Stores, I doubt I would have had any interest in reading
this book. But after reading the following, I  placed an order for
one at

From the Mercury News:

Wiley & Sons, a leading publisher of technology books, said Apple
Computer has removed all its titles from the shelves of Apple stores in
apparent retaliation for the upcoming publication of a biography of
Apple CEO Steve Jobs.

Here’s my guess at what really happened: The word went
down from on-high for Apple Stores not to carry the biography, but
somehow that was translated at the store level into an edict to remove
all Wiley books. However, I could be wrong. As Apple legal goons seem
to repeatedly display, Apple is very capable of such a clueless misstep.

(via: Dan Gillmor)

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