Party, I mean, BlogNashville update

BlogNashville Update: Instapundit is going to be there. So are lots more bloggers from all over the country attending BlogNashville next week (and weekend). If you aren’t signed up, you still can. (The Friday night-Saturday portion is free, but limited to 300 and is fast-approaching that limit.)

let’s say you’re a Nashville blogger (or perhaps you know a blogger or
would like to meet a blogger), you don’t have to register for the
entire BlogNashville conference to attend that greatly anticipated
Opening Night Welcome Party that is being produced by Thursday Night Fever and the Rexblog. (More about the party here and here.)

me, that particular event is shaping up to be an entertainment
extravaganza you’ll one day be recounting to your envious grandchildren.

(Note: The logo above is not an official
BlogNashville logo, nor, for that matter, an official party logo. It’s
merely the official logo of this post.)

2 thoughts on “Party, I mean, BlogNashville update

  1. It may not be official, but you’ve pretty much guaranteed that you’ll be expected to come up with official BlogNashville commemorative shirts, cups, and other assorted chachkis – all available for an extremely nominal fee, of course.

    Oh, and make mine a large in blue, please….

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