WWJarvisD? (also, lots of links related to Infinity’s KYOU ‘podcasting’ format announcement): I’m just imagining how it must be to be Jeff Jarvis right now.  The great Satan, Infinity (okay, I know it was the FCC who Jeff has the beef with), the conglomerate owned by Viacom that destroyed radio by making it boring and homogenous, is now doing  something stupefyingly creative: they are devoting a station’s format to programming created entirely by, OMG, podcasting citizens’ media types. (Update: See comments for Jeff’s take — he likes it, as I felt he would.)

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What are the responses from bloggers?

Jay Rosen, brilliant as always: “It
has been pointed out that tipping point talk is cheap. But Infinity
Broadcasting actually tipped over today. It went from radio by
professional broadcasters to radio by open source podcasters….at one
station. Starting right away.”

Dave Slusher: “I’m underimpressed so far.”

Mark Ramsey (Radio Marketing Nexus):
“In any event it’s an apt answer to those who complain that Radio is
slow and boring and bland and vanilla and suffocated by corporate


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Flashback: The rexblog podcasting awareness timeline:*

September 28, 2004:

Doc Searls says the Google search term “podcasts” generates a mere 24 responses.

February 20, 2005:

(140 days and 1.7 million google results later), the New York Times does a podcasting feature.

April 27, 2005:

(211 days and 2.7 million google
results later), one of the world two largest radio conglomerates
announces it will format a major market radio station with 24-hour
programming from podcasters.

*Obviously, this is not the timeline
of podcasting technology and “notion” development — this is merely the
rexblog awareness tracker.

3 thoughts on “WWJarvisD?

  1. i actually favor media consolidation… the dinosaurs have to huddle together for warmth. this is a wonderful tipping point: a way for media to meet the citizens and get new and cheap content. i like it.

  2. In many respects, I see Infinity’s decision as a validation of what you’ve been preaching for so long. Well, so long, relatively speaking.

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