Why is small business purchasing technology?

Why is small business buying
I rarely (okay, never) blog about esoteric tax policy or small business issues
here (I have other venues to write continuously on those topics), but
an article
in the NY Times
today has me scratching my head over what is

However, I guess it should come as no surprise that a Times story
about small businesses increasing their technology spending has
no mention of the Bush tax policy (increased limits to $100,000 of
excellerated year-one depreciation on capital investments) that has
the specific type of technology purchases covered in the

(Note: This issue is of interest to me because it makes abundant sense and,
well, my support for this rather esoteric slice of tax policy was the
topic of that
discussion that led to my 15 minutes of fame

2 thoughts on “Why is small business purchasing technology?

  1. Your fifteen minutes of fame early on includes your use of the phrase “death tax”. That clearly shows you to be a partisan hack that manipulates dishonestly with language. No further attention need be paid.

  2. I’ve been caught. Actually, however, I prefer the term “Karl Rove operative” over “partisan hack.”

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