Dave Winer says

Dave Winer says: “(Google) didn’t put anything into RSS before they started to take out.”

(Background for my non-RSS-geek friends: Dave authored RSS – which is,
strictly for purposes of this explanation, the DVD format of “simple
XML-based syndication.” Alternatively (and pointedly), Google chose to
eschew RSS and support Atom, which is for this explanation, the Sony
Laserdisc format. Google still doesn’t offer such basic RSS-savvy
features as “news alerts” via RSS. (Topix.net does.)
Anyway, Dave’s point is an observation that Google’s first corporate
embrace of RSS  is to hack a way for Google ads to run in RSS
feeds — a rather “crass” way to enter the party, says Dave.)

3 thoughts on “Dave Winer says

  1. As usual you read my mind. I was going to say that it wasn’t just that they had failed to recognize RSS, they also tried to delete it.

    You know the mutant solidiers in Lord of the Rings, the ones the Fellowship keeps killing? That’s Google. They do everything mean and evil, and in the end we’ll kick their asses back to Podunk.

    Seems Silicon Valley can’t resist fucking with a good thing. They won, they had us, and then they insist on taking the low road when taking the high one would cost them nothing.


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