Jeff Jarvis questions the Google teat

Jeff Jarvis questions the Google teat: Last week I blogged why I think “publishers won’t go after Google” 
(I said, specifically, “(the publishers) one might expect to view
Google as a threat are growing so dependent on this revenue stream that
nothing, and I mean nothing, will stop them from being sucklings on
this teat.”).

Today, Jeff Jarvis has lots of good questions for publishers (and has some great links) on this topic.


Will Google
maximize your value? Will Google undersell you? Is Google being
transparent with you and revealing what the ads on your pages are
selling for and what share you’re getting? Will Google compete with
you? Can Google put the stranglehold of a monopoly on you? Should you
be making Google bigger or helping to create competitors to Google? Can
you afford to? Can you afford not to?