BlogNashville “Food for Thought” Dinners

BlogNashville “Food for Thought” Dinners: Big
news on the BlogNashville front. Dave Winer (Pope Dave I), who created (among many,
many other things) the “we’re all insiders” Bloggercon
concept on which the Friday night-Saturday portion of BlogNashville is
based, will be joining us.

Also, the “Food for Thought” Saturday night dinners
(another idea of Dave’s) have been posted. If you’re registering for BlogNashville (and you still can), sign up for one..

My assistant, Lisa (who just had a baby boy — congratulations), made
the arrangements for these dinners before she left for her maternity
leave. (If you’re from Nashville and you’re wondering why we chose the
restaurants we did, it’s because they were the ones who’d let us make
reservations. Also, we wanted local restaurants and not chains.)

Also, if you’re a conference registrant from Nashville and are planning on
attending one of these dinners, and you’d like to volunteer to be the
official friendly Nashvillian at the table, please send me an e-mail.
Let me know what dinner you’ve signed up for.

One last thing: You don’t have to be registered for BlogNashville to
attend the opening night party. If you’re a blogger, or know a
blogger or would like to meet a blogger, please join us.

2 thoughts on “BlogNashville “Food for Thought” Dinners

  1. You’ll have to tell Lisa that she did a great job. Every single restaurant is a knock out.

  2. I totally agree. Great list and I’m psyched about tayst as the site of the “committing journalism” dinner.

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