100 8th grade boys

100 8th grade boys: The 14
year-old in my household attends an all-boys school at which one of the
great rites of passage of the 8th grade is a 2 1/2 day trip to Atlanta that is designed,
as best I can tell, to eschew all hints of the school’s typically
rigorous academic demands. It’s about having fun, in other words.

Anyway, the school’s middle school headmaster is a great e-mail writer
and, in a message to parents reporting on the trip’s first 24 hours,
included this:

    The food tally was most impressive:

732 Cokes consumed at ESPN zone
300 hamburgers
50 hot dogs
180 Slim Jims
  96 Snickers
360 pieces of bubble gum…and that was just yesterday!
Today they’ve consumed 240 doughnuts and 10 gallons of milk already!

Tonight they’ll be going to the Atlanta baseball game — Look for them
on television: they’ll be the large, boisterous group in right center
field … with sleeping chaperones.

(7 cokes per boy may explain that boisterousness.)

2 thoughts on “100 8th grade boys

  1. Is this trip sponsored by the American Dental Association as a business development activity?

  2. You could see us on sportscenter! Not the group in the yellow shirts, the one next to them making faces and throwing food.

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