Why I blog

Why I blog: Yesterday, a business acquaintance asked me a question
that lots of business acquaintances ask me when they discover I’ve been
blogging so long. “Do you make any money from it?” (I have blunt
business friends.)

explained how blogging has turned me from an obscure minor figure
in an unknown outpost of the magazine publishing world into an obscure
blogger in an unknown outpost of the blogosphere.  Somehow, that
explanation convinced him that I must have some tremendous economic
incentive in doing this.

So, let me try once more to explain this whole blogging thing, from my perspective. I’ll use an anecdote.

A while back, I posted a really short piece about a group called MagazineLiteracy.org and said something like, “this sounds like a great

Unbeknownst to me, one of the rexblog’s seven readers, Shawn Lea, read that post and also blogged about the group. Shortly after that, John Mennell,
the organization’s chairman and founding director, contacted Shawn about possibly helping
resize some ads that were offered free of charge by several national
magazines. Shawn, of course, said yes…and then she also
helped raise funds so that 400 kids homes in Mississippi now receive
magazine subscriptions.

Shawn also encouraged the organization’s founder and chairman, John Mennell, to start blogging. And he has. And today is that blog’s official launch.

And that’s why I blog.

That, and the possibility of a huge cash windfall one day.