Staci’s session has already begun

Staci’s & LaShawn’s sessions have already begun: Staci Kramer is leading a session (and a food for thought dinner) next week at BlogNashville and has started up the conversation
on her heretofore-soon-to-go-live weblog. She’s
inviting the experts (translation: everyone is an expert) to join in.


At an unconference, where the people assembling are
participants, not an audience, the session leader has little but the most vague
sense of who will take part or the interests and needs of those attending.

where to start? I’m determined to avoid journalism vs. blogging as a frame. Been there, done that. Don’t want the t-shirt.
Journalism and blogging — that’s a different story. Let’s start
with the headline for an article I wrote for OJR after BloggerCon III: “Journos and Bloggers: Can Both Survive?” The
words were in the wrong order: Both can survive.

Also, La Shawn Barber has started the conversation for her session
on Faith-based blogging on her weblog. She suspects she’ll be one of
only two evangelicals there and is soliciting help in formulating
qestions for discussions (and has already received 49 comments as of
this moment). As BlogNashville is in, well, Nashville, I don’t think La
Shawn will have too much trouble throwing a rock without hitting
another evangelical (no, wait, that’s not a very good metaphor, is it?).

Actually, I think she’ll find her session filled with individuals who
are seeking ways to use blogs as a means to express their faith and
convictions. I expect she’ll discover a very friendly, kindred-spirited

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