American Business Media forms blog committee

American Business Media forms blog committee:
I don’t know much more than that, except that I’m the committee’s
chairman. As the committee was announced this morning to the CEOs and
senior management of most of the nation’s (and, thus, world’s) largest
business-to-business media companies, I thought I should, well, at
least blog it.

There are many bloggers employed by media companies that are members of
ABM. Some are blogging “officially,” others are blogging “on the side.”
Understanding where blogging fits within the context of business
publishing and tradeshows and events and seminars and data will be
something the committee explores.

However, what I also want to do, and why I enthusiastically accepted
the opportunity to help form and lead this committee, is to help those
who care to understand, the “participatory journalism” aspect of
blogging in the business-to-business arena.

Oh, by the way, next week ABM will launch a blog.

As always, more later.

2 thoughts on “American Business Media forms blog committee

  1. Congratulation! In our part of the world we are still behind … I will recommend it to VDZ and Deutsche Fachpresse.

    Good luck!

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