Wait! You’re supposed to achieve something by blogging?

Wait! You’re supposed to achieve something by blogging? Ellis Booker in B-to-B online admits he doesn’t blog, but nevertheless is “thinking out loud about blogs.”
At the end of his commentary, he asks a question only someone who
doesn’t blog asks: “What were you trying to achieve with your blog in
the first place?”

Here, let me suggest a metaphorical way to consider the question, “What
should someone try to achieve with a blog in the first place?”

Let’s say the telephone was just invented and only 5% of business
people had phones. And, let’s say, it costs you only $5 a month to get
a telephone with lots of features — or you could get one free with
just dial tone and a few basic features.

Would you suggest business managers not get a phone until they know
exactly what they are trying to achieve with it? Would you say, for
example,  I don’t think you need a phone until you know what the
topic of every call you are going to make is?

No. You would say, “If it’s not going to cost you but $5 a month, or
it’s free, get a phone and call up a friend and see what it’s like and
who knows, someone may want to call you one day and you’ll have a phone
number and you’ll know how to pick up the receiver and answer the phone
by saying, “hello,” and then you can have a conversation.”

Okay. You catch my drift.

Until you set up a blog, you’ll never understand why you should blog.

 If you don’t set up a blog, you can’t join in the conversation.

Being able to join in the conversation one day is what you should be trying to achieve.

5 thoughts on “Wait! You’re supposed to achieve something by blogging?

  1. Great post, Rex. At first, I found this kind of thinking humorous, but now it’s just darned irritating. People who think like this also have trouble with the concept of blossoming where you’re planted. Backwards, methinks. They’ve got life backwards.

  2. This is a great post.

    Posts about the important impact of blogging are usually not my bag. The internet is full of windbags droning on and on about the effect of blogging on modern culture, and let’s all admit it: it is mostly kinda dry. I mean, blogging is so young. New bloggers are so quick to critique and question and exhaustively blogging instead of Just Writing. The best bloggers on the web Just Write.

    But, I very much like your explanation of why people begin blogging. It is why I did it; boredom mostly. And I bet most everyone who has one thought the same thing: Why the hell not?

    You really nailed it with this post.

  3. I started blogging twice before. My problem has been twofold: finding what NOT to talk about. I could ramble on forever but I felt that wasn’t useful. And there were a lot of things I KNEW I didn’t want to blog about even though I knew they were really interesting. Point being, your phone analogy is a good one. Get a phone and see what happens. You might get a call one day.

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