Instant collectors fashion item

Instant collector’s fashion item: Not only is Mr. Roboto a party-thrower extraordinaire, he’s now Mr. Fashion. Check out his line of official Blognashville Welcome Party T-Shirts.
You can order yours now, for pick-up at the party. And, once more, if
you’re reading this, you are invited to attend Friday night’s party.
You don’t have to be registered for BlogNashville to attend. In fact, you don’t even have to be a blogger to attend. Here are all the details.

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Nashville magazine news

Nashville magazine news: The
folks behind a new Nashville magazine called Illiterati (Clair
Suddath, Megan Clancy and McCall Ross) e-mailed to give the seven
rexblog readers the heads up on its launch. It’s free and available at
coffee shops and bookstores around town.

They’re having a launch party/fundraiser on Saturday night (May 7, from 8 pm-midnight at 2218 Belmont Blvd).

Of course, on Saturday, I’ll be “Food for Thinking” it at BlogNashville that evening.

Yet another “magazines” are toast commentary

Yet another “magazines” are toast commentary: Why do people who “don’t read magazines anymore” think all people “don’t read magazines anymore”? I guess it’s like the people who don’t read blogs who think all
people don’t read blogs. In other words, in the way I encourage people
to not dismiss blogs, I encourage people who “don’t read magazines
anymore” to not dismiss a medium that is, some have said, the cockroach
of media.

Ft. Lauderdale airport, I salute you

Ft. Lauderdale airport, I salute you:
Over the years, I’ve had lots of reasons, business and personal, to fly
to the south Florida area. As my Southwest preference makes Ft.
Lauderdale’s airport an often-visited spot, I’ve struggled through
years of their construction. They’ve finally got it down. Even if they
didn’t have the cool aquariums and new rental car center minutes from
baggage claim, I’d still give them thumbs up as they’ve flipped on a
switch for free wi-fi. That’s right, free. Just like the air conditioning.

Travel morning

Travel morning:
Heading back to Nashville this morning. Been fortunate to have great
weather (bad storms all around us, but sunny here) and I have some
great photos from the Everglades that I’ll post when I get a chance —
probably tonight.