Mossberg explains RSS

Mossberg explains RSS: At least once a day, I tell someone, “unless you use a newsreader and
RSS feeds, you’ll always feel overwhelmed by all that news that’s
available on the Internet.” RSS, I say. Newsreader, I say.

I’ve even set up a page on the rexblog where I can tell people to “go
to the link over in the right hand column that says, ‘Things I mentioned‘” and follow the link
to the page about how to use RSS and a newsreader

Well, I just added a link on that page to WSJ personal technology guru Walt Mossberg.

Today, his column in the Wall Street Journal is called,
A Guide to Using RSS, Which Helps You Scan Vast Array of Web Sites”


“Whichever approach you choose, if you are a news-oriented Web surfer
who wants the latest stuff from a broad range of sources, RSS can be a
great boon.”

Read it and get over whatever your fears of RSS and a newsreader may be.

(via: Nick Bradbury)

What Dave said

What Dave said: “Basically it’s bad economics to spoil a good thing for a couple of incremental bucks today, for zero total bucks later.”

(Dave Winer
regarding his observation that despite the growing amount of traffic
the NYT and others are generating from their RSS feeds, they’ll
probably not recognize those feeds themselves are ads for their
stories; rather they’ll start placing third-party ads on their feeds
and see their click-through rates go down. And then, they’ll wonder


Contented: Earlier this week, I
said I was swearing off use of the word “content”
to describe
information, articles, photography, etc. Rafat Ali suggested I was
heading in a hippie direction, however, it was one of this weblog’s
seven readers, the legendary business-to-business publisher Doug Shore
who served me the best shut-up juice.

Doug asked me what I called that “Table of” thing I placed at the front of magazines.

He then went on to recount this funny tale from a trip around Oregon he and his wife took about ten years ago:

the coast, we stayed at the Sylvia Beach Inn (I believe in Newport),
which had a “literary” theme. Each room was decorated in the style of a
particular author, Emily Dickinson, Edgar Allan Poe, etc. On the ground
floor was a restaurant named Tables of Content. (I believe the folks
who stayed in the Poe room were particularly ravenous.)

Speaking of ravenous, Doug and I spent a couple of hours together
Monday afternoon on an airboat in the Everglades. I’ve posted lots of
photos of alligators and birds to flickr

Upon reflection, I’m wondering if this post has a theme: alligators, vultures, ravens…or, is just a bunch of content.