Contented: Earlier this week, I
said I was swearing off use of the word “content”
to describe
information, articles, photography, etc. Rafat Ali suggested I was
heading in a hippie direction, however, it was one of this weblog’s
seven readers, the legendary business-to-business publisher Doug Shore
who served me the best shut-up juice.

Doug asked me what I called that “Table of” thing I placed at the front of magazines.

He then went on to recount this funny tale from a trip around Oregon he and his wife took about ten years ago:

the coast, we stayed at the Sylvia Beach Inn (I believe in Newport),
which had a “literary” theme. Each room was decorated in the style of a
particular author, Emily Dickinson, Edgar Allan Poe, etc. On the ground
floor was a restaurant named Tables of Content. (I believe the folks
who stayed in the Poe room were particularly ravenous.)

Speaking of ravenous, Doug and I spent a couple of hours together
Monday afternoon on an airboat in the Everglades. I’ve posted lots of
photos of alligators and birds to flickr

Upon reflection, I’m wondering if this post has a theme: alligators, vultures, ravens…or, is just a bunch of content.

3 thoughts on “Contented

  1. That would be the Syliva Beach Hotel
    i will totally refrain from succumbing to the lure of more puns about the rooms there, other than to note there is no wifi, free or otherwise, and no phones, either.
    Speaking of content.

  2. Rafat is a smart guy, but his business is called “Paid Content.” He has no choice but to object. Oh, and “hippie” isn’t a pejorative term to everybody. Peace.

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