Mossberg explains RSS

Mossberg explains RSS: At least once a day, I tell someone, “unless you use a newsreader and
RSS feeds, you’ll always feel overwhelmed by all that news that’s
available on the Internet.” RSS, I say. Newsreader, I say.

I’ve even set up a page on the rexblog where I can tell people to “go
to the link over in the right hand column that says, ‘Things I mentioned‘” and follow the link
to the page about how to use RSS and a newsreader

Well, I just added a link on that page to WSJ personal technology guru Walt Mossberg.

Today, his column in the Wall Street Journal is called,
A Guide to Using RSS, Which Helps You Scan Vast Array of Web Sites”


“Whichever approach you choose, if you are a news-oriented Web surfer
who wants the latest stuff from a broad range of sources, RSS can be a
great boon.”

Read it and get over whatever your fears of RSS and a newsreader may be.

(via: Nick Bradbury)