I feel like Sally Fields

I feel like Sally Fields: Mr. Roboto is making me get all misty eyed. Especially since he’s the one who’s done all the work to make tonight’s BlogNashville Opening Night Party special. But, really. Thanks. Now, get outta here.

Okay. One more time. I would like to really, really emphasize once more that everyone who is reading this, blogger or not, is invited to attend tonight’s BlogNashville opening night party high atop the Gaylord Entertainment Center’s tower in the not-yet-opened new Wolfy’s Den. Tall Paul & MMMikey. T-Shirts. Food. People who won’t think you’re crazy if you tell them you have a blog or have ever read a blog.

The party starts whenever you arrive (we keep forgetting when it starts – 7:30 is when all the cool Nashville bloggers will start to arrive ) and ends when Wolfy throws us out.

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