Mr Robotos “other job”?

Mr Roboto’s “other job”? Wait a minute. I didn’t know Mr. Roboto was publishing stuff for iPods. But surely, if I were just guessing, I’d certainly think he’s the creator of The Party Pod Pro. Really, who else but Nashville’s premiere nightlife blogger could have come up with a list of product features like this?

  • The 650 most used drink recipes
  • 55 drinking games
  • A bar & club database for every major US city + hot spots like Cancun, MX
  • Bartender 411 (Tips and Tricks)
  • 100 Pick up lines for men and women
  • Well, if he didn’t create it, they need him as one of their professional endorsers.

    One thought on “Mr Robotos “other job”?

    1. The cool part of me is thinking “reading pick up lines from your ipod? That’s horrible; girl repellant”?

      The other part of me has already downloaded the stupid program.

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