Press release headline inflation

Press release headline inflation: I know there are some PR folks among the seven readers of this weblog, so please, help me out. Has someone started telling you that press release headlines should be longer? Is this some search engine optimization ploy being taught in PR school? Here’s a press release headline for a magazine supplement launch that goes on and on. Is this a trend? If so, stop it.

2 thoughts on “Press release headline inflation

  1. I thought, perhaps, they had written it as a main title and a subtitle and someone just put it all as one. But, alas and alack, that does not seem to be the case. But PR folk who like long headline must also like buzzspeak: global deal economy, C-suite executives (my personal favorite!), emerging technology, award-winning and global innovation.

    I call this PR Newswire Syndrome. If we sound high-falutin’ (we use a lot of big words) and we’re on Yahoo! News (so we look high-falutin’), then by damn we must be high-falutin’. (That’s the Southern explanation anyway. Yankees, of course, can replace high-falutin’ with important.)

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