Welcome, new Nashville blogger

Welcome, new Nashville blogger: Brittney gets first on-air face-time: I’ve updated this story from the original one (you can read it below) about the Governor of Tennessee launching a blog. Same old, same old. The really cool news is that Brittney, the first ever full-time, on-staff, former-waitress, local-market TV blogger in the world (until someone corrects me) got her first on-air spot on the nightly news commenting on the governor’s new weblog. Now that’s news! Okay, we now return to the original breaking blog story:

Welcome, new Nashville Blogger: Hey, I just read in the Nashville Post about a new Nashville weblog called the Phil Blog. Great idea and I really liked that first post (far, far better than the first rexblog post, for sure).

However, and this is Nashville blogger-to-blogger advice: Get a good URL. I can’t find one to link straight to it. Also, three little letters: R-S-S! Comments would be swell, also.

But as you’re the first state Governor I’ve ever had who has started a weblog, the Phil Blog gets a thumbs up from me. (And, for the record, I voted for you and I think you’re swell.)

P.S. If you’d like, Mr. Roboto and I would love to throw a blogger party welcoming you to the blogosphere. I think a Tennessee blogger meetup at the governors mansion would be just the thing to get the Phil Blog some good pub.

6 thoughts on “Welcome, new Nashville blogger

  1. I like the idea. How about forming a company Robato Hammond Productions. Or maybe Mr. Rex would work better.
    The company that introduces blogs the right way!

  2. I like it, Tom. (And it was great to meet you this past weekend.) By the way, you managed to misspell both mine and Roboto’s name (Roboto/Hammock Events, perhaps)– Mr. Rex sounds too much like a hair salon.

  3. I emailed the Governor’s blog an offer to do that party. I am sure an annoucement will be coming soon.

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