Ho-de-do: Northwest Noise podcaster Tim Germer (known around here as the first podcaster to ever mention the rexblog) is ‘pre-beta-ing’ Odeo. No, wait. He’s not, as he can’t really test it because, well, the syncing part doesn’t work with a Mac.

Podcasting without syncing would be a little hard to test. (update: see comments)

By the way, Tim (on his other blog) thinks Apple has a liability issue on its hands with security issues surrounding the Tiger dashboard.

reminds me, I installed Tiger but don’t want to waste my time talking
about anything good about products made by companies which display evil
characteristics. So here are the bad things: It messed up my mail –
royally. Dashboard widgets remind me of that goofy Microsoft Bob thing.
Searchlight is cool but is not as good as Quicksilver. As I find more
flaws, I will pass them along. (However, if I weren’t going through my
anti-apple period, I would have some really swell stuff to talk about,

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  1. Rabble from Odeo has corrected me; Odeo does provide a Mac sync client. Works rather well 🙂

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