14 thoughts on “Roboto cam

  1. I’d contend that the folks at the party *were* a bunch of geeks (even us cool ones).

  2. Process of elimination means that I can think of at least 6 or 8 women at that party who are going to kick your ass the next time they see you, Roboto — and rightfully so. Perhaps you’ll rethink that position.

  3. Thank goodness I didn’t name *which* girls I was talking about. Now I have to avoid being in a room with more than 2 of them at the same time.

  4. Roboto, I think you’re safe there. In fact, I’m fairly certain that your comment will guarantee that you won’t be in a room with more than two of the attending ladies ever again.

  5. Oh, I just figured out how my comment was being misconstrued; I was trying to be flirty with Rex’s young female employee and friend, who I was pretty certain would see this comment.

    Not two certain female bloggers.

    Double oh no.

    One more for good measure: oh no.

  6. Here’s the chronology:

    Roboto Comment # 1: Ha ha. Everyone at a blog party is a nerd (including myself). Ha ha.

    Roboto Comment # 2: Only two girls at the party were cool. Translation: only two girls were non-bloggers, hence nongeeks.

    Roboto Comment # 3: I mistakenly think I’ve offended the female blogging community by being flirty to the non-blogging ladies.

    Roboto Comment # 4: I am too cavalier about my transgression.

    Roboto Comment # 5: I finally realize that you guys think I am talking about certain disliked blogging females, when I was actually just trying to be nice to certain Hammock employees who are required as a condition of their employment to read this blog.

    Keep in mind: there’s room in Mr. Roboto’s heart for all you ladies out there.

  7. Finally, Tim, I will take no advice from you. Your comment was so “subtle” that some dude in Texas thought you were talking about him.

  8. I didn’t realize Rexblog reading was compulsory for us employees. With comments like yours, roboto, I think I’ll become a more regular reader.

  9. I am just happy that I have reached the point at which my errant words are given such importance by girls (albeit blogger girls).

    (Just kidding! 😉 BFF!)

  10. Roboto,
    Important? No. Noted? Yes.

    Also, I’m not a blogger girl. I’m a LiveJournalist.

    And two disliked blogging females? I don’t know what you could possibly be talking about. Perhaps you should clarify.

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